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Pele the Hawaiian Volcano Goddess


Of all the gods of ancient Hawaii, only Pele, the volcano goddess, still lives in the hearts of many Hawaiian and even non-Hawaiian residents of the islands. To some, she is a powerful and very real presence, especially in the Volcano region of the Big Island. To believers, this is her present home after having resided during past ages on other islands in the Hawaiian chain. To many in Hawaii she is the subject of colorful legends with which to beguile wide-eyed visitors. To a geologist, her story is seen as the ancient Hawaiian’s way of explaining the unknown natural forces that periodically devastated the land with lava flows or put on spectacular fiery displays of what must have seemed supernatural powers. But to all who live in the Hawaiian Islands—believer or cynic—Pele is an aspect of the Hawaii of old that is constantly alive.

Learn more about this fiery deity through the legends; the descriptions documented by exploring naturalists; accounts by missionaries, travelers, and scientists; her encounters with Hawaiian alii; and the awe-inspiring eruptions that continue to this day.

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Patsy Mink: Hawaii’s Champion for Women’s Rights


WAYFINDERS is a new series of biographies celebrating Hawaii’s leaders—women and men who have helped shape the islands as
we know them today. These books shine a light on those well-known and lesser-known educators, scientists, athletes, artists, activists, and
political leaders who have transformed Hawaii and paved the way for future generations.

This first WAYFINDERS book is about Patsy Mink, the mother of Title IX who stood up against racism and sexism and fought for the health and well-being of Hawaii’s women and children, the environment, and gender equality. Maui-born Patsy Mink was a force to be reckoned with and a fierce advocate for Hawaii’s people.


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Remembering History and Honoring Culture


Remembering History and Honoring Culture: Statues, Monuments, and Memorials on Hawaii, Kauai, Maui and Molokai

All across the Hawaiian Islands, historic statues, bronze plaques, and stone monuments can be seen in plain sight…or discovered in remote places. Each has a story. Who is responsible for placing these? What were their intentions? What do the artists say they were attempting to reveal about the honored heroes and their lives?

In Remembering and Honoring Culture, Soon explores the back stories and intrigue surrounding these statues and monuments beyond what can be gleaned from the nearby plaques. Illustrated with full color photo images, the book unravels what these statues and artifacts reveal collectively about the history of the islands, its inhabitants, and their values. And most poignantly, what they tell us about Hawaii today.

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Papa Says Shaka


One day, Oliana asks her papa about the shaka. What she gets is more than she bargains for! Papa is ready to share TEN kinds of shakas that he and Oliana can do together.

Written by local elementary school student, Zoe Leigh, Papa Says…Shaka! celebrates the creative, playful relationship between Oliana and her papa as they explore the Hawaiian Islands—fishing, swimming, going to the carnival, barbecuing, and more. Along the way Oliana’s papa shares fun and funny shakas that illustrate their special time together.

Kids will have fun learning these different shakas with their own ‘ohana —like the Lumberjack Shaka, the Fishing Shaka, and the Balloon Shaka—and readers will find that learning through play is the best way to learn, especially when shared with family.



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A Fishy Alphabet in Hawaii (new trim size)


Calling fish lovers of all ages! Learn the ABCs in a new and fun way. Grab a board, fin, or float; or hop aboard a boat. Snorkel or swim in the sea and meet fishes A to Z!

(New trim size for 2023)

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Lahaina Yesterdays


Lahaina Yesterdays looks back at the town’s history through its landmarks and landscapes.

On August 8, 2023, many of these historically significant structures were destroyed or damaged by the nation’s deadliest wildfire in over a century. Although many structures were lost, they are sure to be rebuilt and will never be forgotten.

Mutual Publishing will donate a portion of sales proceeds towards the Maui Fire Disaster Relief – Hawaii Community Foundation “Maui Strong Fund”

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How to Play Hawaiian Ukulele for Kids


Ukulele teacher Michael Preston brings to this uniquely Hawaiian book, twenty-five years of teaching ‘ukulele to children—in school, groups, and individually. The pages will lead young players through all the basic skills needed to tune, strum chords, and sing songs—inspired by Hawaii’s history and natural surroundings. The melodies are mostly well-known childhood songs with lyrics specially composed to celebrate and reflect Hawaii’s birds and sea life.

Keiki will find these colorful lessons easy to follow with songs that are fun to play, and they will gain a deeper appreciation for the ukulele’s place in Hawaii’s history.


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Once Upon Hawaii


A story that introduces kids to the early voyaging Polynesians who set out to find distant land and found the islands of Hawai‘i.

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