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Ancient Sites of Kauai: A Guide to Hawaiian Archaeological and Cultural Places

In this informative and easy-to-follow book, author Van James highlights the features, legends, and archaeology of forty Kaua?i sites, including Ni?ihau and Papah?naumoku?kea, the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands.

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Ka Baibala Hemolele: Hawaiian-English Bible with Slipcase

This edition is based on the original Hawaiian Bible produced in the 19th century. Each word, phrase, sentence and passage were considered in its Biblical context and respelled to include contemporary Hawaiian spelling. The editors of this work carefully considered the source languages—Hebrew and Greek—and various English translations in respelling the Hawaiian. Faithfulness to the original text and accurate scholarship were of the utmost importance.

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Sam Choy’s Ulu Cookbook: Hawaii’s Breadfruit Recipes


Chef Sam Choy had his first bite of ‘ulu as a child growing up in Lā‘ie, on O‘ahu’s North Shore, in a neighborhood where everyone had a breadfruit tree in their yard.

Sam learned methods of preparing ‘ulu from both family and neighbors who originated from all over the Pacific, bringing to Hawai‘i their cherished traditions. This upbringing permeates his entire professional career.

Sam Choy’s ‘Ulu Cookbook is a rare recipe collection devoted to a truly Hawaiian and Polynesian staple. The recipes are Sam’s own, from friends, and the Hawai‘i ‘Ulu Cooperative, who partnered in creating this book. Galyn Wong, who felt passionately about ‘ulu’s health values, pioneered with Sam the idea of an entire book devoted to what she considered was a wonder food.


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Hawaii’s Community Cookbook


Hawai‘i’s Community Cookbook has over 600 delicious recipes from the islands’ most treasured community cookbooks.

This anthology of recipes, selected from fifty community cookbooks, invites the home cook to a statewide potluck with an abundance of personality. There are “old-fashioned” recipes that are popular again, like popovers and made-from-scratch breads and biscuits, chutneys and jams. There are neighborhood favorites like Chicken Hekka, Coconut Fish, and Pulehu Ribs and recipes for quick, easy-to-make meals like Beef Tomato, Mochiko Chicken, and Saimin. Salads, vegetable dishes, pūpū, and desserts use island ingredients like ‘ulu (breadfruit), taro, ‘ōhelo berries, liliko‘i, and more.

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Women of Old Hawaii


Throughout the history of Hawai‘i, women have played a crucial role in shaping the government, societal landscape, and future of the Islands by leading their people through immense change. Women of Old Hawai‘i offers a basic overview of just a handful of the outstanding figures whose influence and work are still felt today.



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Kalakaua: Hawaii’s Last King


In this pictoral biography, over 180 old photographs, anecdotes written by personages of the day, letters, and newspaper accounts paint a glowing picture of the colorful reign of Hawai’i’s last king.

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A lonely dinosaur living in a cave on the island of Kaua’i dreams of making friends. No one seems to want to play with him because of his size and the noises that he makes. Until one day, a small group of friends decides to not be afraid and asks him to play. From then on, they learn from the dinosaur’s kind and gentle ways that friends come in all shapes and sizes.

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Meditations of Hawai’i


Hawai’i is a unique place on earth with awe-inspiring natural beauty ranging from white sand beaches, to plunging waterfalls, to cloud-covered summits. It’s a place where the creation of land continues with fiery volcanic eruptions and streams of lava tat cool, coil, and cement into hardened black rock out of which new life miraculously sprouts through cracks and crevices under the same sun that the demigod Maui slowed with his rope.

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