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Once Upon Hawaii


A story that introduces kids to the early voyaging Polynesians who set out to find distant land and found the islands of Hawai‘i.

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Hawaii Washoku


Available mid-October 2023

Hawaii Washoku unites one of the world’s great cuisines with the spirit of Aloha to create harmony and peace at your table. Through a superbly photographed collection of over 175 plant-based and gluten-free Japanese recipes, vegan chef Lillian Cumic’s third cookbook is the ultimate chaperone for reimagining Japanese recipes into deliciously “planted” successes. Lillian began her cooking career in Japan where she lived for thirty years and fell in love with the people, its culture, and the food, leading her to the way of washoku and a whole new outlook on the dining experience.

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Little Red Hen Hawaiian-Style, The


A local version of the classic fable about a little red hen with a happier ending.

The hen in this story decides to cook some ulu in an imu. As she sets about digging the hole, gathering lava rocks and banana leaves, she asks her friends the cat, dog, and pig to help. But at every step, they each say they are too busy to help.

When the ulu is cooked and the red hen uncovers the imu, letting out enticing aromas, cat, dog, and pig come sniffing over.
But the little red hen will not have any of it. She exclaims that they cannot have any of the delicious ulu because they didn’t help her dig the hole, collect the lava rocks, or cut the banana leaves.

After her outburst, the little red hen feels terrible. In Hawaii, she knows she must show aloha. So she shares the ulu and to her surprise, her friends also bring food to share. The reason they were unable to help the little red hen the day before was because they, too, were busy gathering food to make a big feast. Cat was out catching fish; dog was collecting mangoes, and pig was harvesting kalo to make poi.

After all their hard work, they sit together and enjoy their ono feast.



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Wake Up, Mermaids!


A fun and funny rhyming story about three little mermaids.

When it’s time to get up, two of them get up and brush their teeth, comb their hair, and fix their sheets. Then they start their day of fun and play with snacks and visits with friends. But one little mermaid can’t seem to keep his eyes open.

When the day is coming to a close, the mermaids say aloha to their friends, head home, and get ready for bed. As the two mermaids settle down the sleep and dream, the one mermaid who couldn’t keep his eyes open all day is suddenly awake and ready to play.

This board book will appeal the young kids who will relate to the mermaid’s daytime routine. It’s a great morning book or bedtime book to read together and spark a conversation about the day that passed or the day coming up.

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Queen Emma: Emma Kaleleonalani


Arriving Mid-August 2023

A history of Queen Emma, consort to King Kamehameha IV (Alexander Liholiho).

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Maui This and That


Arriving Mid-August 2023

Similar to Hawaii This & That with facts and figures about Maui, short historical biographies of leading figures, a timeline, and more.

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Kauai This and That


Arriving Mid-August 2023

Similar to Hawai‘i This & That with facts and figures about Kaua‘i, short historical biographies of leading figures, a timeline, and more. Here are quick, easy answers to these and many other questions about the Garden Isle, statistics, facts and figures, and a historical timeline of significant events. Brush up on your knowledge of Kauai and gain a deeper appreciation for Hawaii’s oldest and beloved island.

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Princess Ruth Keelikolani


This pictorial biography is a colorful account of the life and times of the controversial Princess Ruth (1826–1883), one of the last chiefesses of old Hawaii.

Ruth never left the islands throughout her life–Hawaii was her world–and stubbornly, she clung to the old Hawaiian ways, ignoring the missionaries and their growing influence.

When the lava flow of 1881 threatened the town of Hilo, the High Chiefess was credited with stopping the fiery molten rock in its tracks by interceding with Pele, the goddess of volcanoes.

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